Fees, Forms & Other Info

Rates & Other Helpful Information

Standard Fee per 50-minute individual session:  $125* (See below for sliding scale)

Sliding Scale:  I offer a sliding scale based on your ability to pay.   Click here to learn about my sliding scale plan.

Other Helpful Information About My Practice:

  • Payment is due at the time of the appointment.  For tele-sessions (video and phone), thank you for sending payment in advance.
  • I am currently accepting payment by cash, personal/bank checks and Paypal.
  • A $35 service charge will be required for all checks with insufficient funds.
  • Missed Appointments and Cancellations:  Here is detailed information of what you need to know about missed appointments and my cancellation policy.
  • I do not take insurance. Click here to learn about privacy protection and why you might consider paying out of pocket instead.
  • Extended sessions are available when planned ahead or on short notice as time allows in my schedule.  Rates will be adjusted accordingly and on a per situation basis.
  • The standard rate for couples sessions is $175 are normally 50 minutes long, however, 90 minute sessions can be arranged for $250 (90 minutes).
  • All communication is confidential except in the event that an individual is a danger to him or herself or another person in which case all counselors are required by law to notify medical and law enforcement agencies for intervention on behalf of all parties involved.
  • I meet with clients in-person and via Video or phone worldwide.  My office is located in Hadley, Massachusetts (USA).
  • I welcome clients of  all ages, race, ethnicities, religions (or non-religions), and alternative lifestyles (sexual orientation, gender identification, and non-traditional and “designer” relationship structures including polyamory and intergenerational partnerships).
  • My services are not covered by health insurance plans. I accept out of pocket payments only.