My Background


ma counseling psychology

I have been following my life’s calling to be a holistic health practitioner for over 30 years.  Informed by my own challenging journey toward health and wholeness, I feel honored to help my clients awaken inspiration and discover their innate capacities to live a truly joyful life.

Immersed in my study of body-centered, transpersonal and holistic health practices since my early 20’s, my actual career began in 1987 when I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and began honing my counseling skills as a mental health clinician in a day treatment center. By 1995, following in the footsteps of my parents who were both psychotherapists, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Holistic Counseling and Psychology from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, at which time my career as a bona fide, certified, registered psychotherapist began in earnest.

I have since earned two subsequent post-graduate professional certifications in transpersonal psychotherapy and creative arts therapies, have completed extensive academic and professional training in my field, and have developed an eclectic style that is informed largely by transpersonal, body-centered, peer oriented, and self-help approaches. Over the years, I have received guidance and training from numerous prominent teachers and practitioners of traditional, alternative and complementary holistic health sciences.

I continue to evolve my counseling style, integrating transpersonal psychology with in-body spiritual guidance and education. I have certifications in a self-awareness and healing process called Focusing, and two therapeutic breathwork approaches including Transformational Breath™ and Unlimited Breath™, have pursued personal instruction and guidance for three years at the Institute for Awakened Mutuality, a school for psycho-spiritual development, and now offer instruction to my clients in movement-based and in-life meditation practices, all of which enhance my psychotherapy offerings.  I am currently very interested in learning more about the clinical applications of intuition in psychotherapy and am gradually integrating this deepening awareness into my practice.

Beginning in my teenage years, I struggled intensely with symptoms of depression and anxiety which lasted for many years. This was coupled with what my own long-time transpersonal therapist and mentor once humorously called “the worst case of Inner Critic Syndrome” he had encountered. Influenced deeply by my therapist’s  (and other’s) skillful, compassionate and incredibly patient guidance, I have since gone through many significant and profound life changes that have altered the way I see and live my life.  Impacted and inspired by those whose shoulders I now stand upon, I have since picked up the torch that had been passed to me. For over two decades, I have been working with individuals who are committed to becoming champions of their own healing and personal transformation. Through my work, I support my clients in discovering inner resources leading to deep trust in themselves, their innate ability to move through life challenges with courage, confidence and heart, and to live creative, productive, joyful and meaningful lives in alignment with their Soul’s intention.

I am an ardent follower of my Soul’s passion and welcome the often joyful, often painful process of bringing to light the darkness within. I am a writer, musician, artist and an improvisational dancer with a love for contemplative dance styles such as Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement, all of which influence and deepen my work as a holistic health practitioner.

A lot more information about me and my work can be found in the drop-down boxes below.

What You Can Expect From Me
  • I will provide a safe, welcoming space for you to explore the current challenges in your life.
  • I will NOT promise quick-fixes because change doesn’t always happen as quickly as we may wish, even though we feel uncomfortable.
  • I understand that life challenges can be disruptive and overwhelming at times.  I will help to facilitate as smooth a transition as possible to get you to “where you want to be”.
  • I will help you understand yourself and find meaning in the challenges you are experiencing.
  • I will help you learn to trust your own capacity to heal yourself, and transform and guide your life skillfully and gracefully.
  • With compassion and understanding, I work with you to help you to build on your personal strengths, strengthen your natural resilience and capabilities, foster coping skills, and attain the personal growth that you are committed to accomplishing.
  • I will help you to awaken to a deeply embodied experience of wholeness and interconnection and engage meaningfully and purposefully with life.
  • I educate you of the often overlooked negative psychological and emotional impacts brought about by various pathological dysfunctions of mainstream culture, which most people have been traumatized by and may be negatively affecting you.
  • I will offer guidance to help you overcome the anxiety, doubt, fear, helplessness, inner criticism and subsequent depression that occurs as a result of not remembering that you are the true authority of your inner and outer worlds.
  • I will provide a dynamic, experiential, intellectually stimulating and sometimes irreverent transformational process that will engage your body, mind, heart, emotions, and soul…your Whole Being.
My Tool Box

My training and approach is informed by:

  • Transpersonal psychotherapy  – A holistic form of therapy that recognizes body, mind, emotions and spirit.
  • Ecopsychology – an emerging field that weaves together ecological, psychological, political and spiritual principles.
  • Spiritual Direction –  guidance to help shift identification from separateness to interconnection with all life.
  • Body-mind integration – guidance to bring consciousness into the body.
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) – Parts work.
  • Focusing – A mindfulness approach for moving through life challenges, originally developed by Eugene Gendlin.
  • Non Violent Communication (NVC) – Based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg.
  • Co-Counseling – a model of peer counseling to free oneself from the effects of past distress experiences.
  • Meditation and mindfulness – From Sufism, Buddhism, Eco-psychology, and Waking Down in Mutuality.
  • Therapeutic breathwork – Breathing practices designed to bring about changes in thinking and emotions.
  • Creative visualization – Drawing on the power of the imagination for healing, envisioning, and creating.
  • Creative arts therapy – Non-performance-based art, dance & theater practices for personal transformation.
My Clinical Philosophy

The roots of my training as a therapist have been in transpersonal theory, along with an MA in Counseling and Psychotherapy.  I view people from a strength-based perspective that recognizes that we are both human and spiritual beings. I focus on an individual’s abilities, positive qualities and character strengths to assist them in creating a personal foundation for constructive change, problem-solving and ultimately, contributing to creating positive change in the world.   In my sessions with clients, I provide a safe, confidential, and accepting environment for honest exploration of and potential solutions to personal difficulties and life challenges.

While I do not pathologize people (I won’t diagnose you!) or work from a “disease model” of mental health, I do draw on my knowledge of biologically-based mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety disorders and bipolar illness and make appropriate referrals for medical evaluation, if needed.  I view healing as a holistic process and am happy to work as part of a team.  If it makes sense, I will recommend health practitioners from other disciplines to complement a client’s therapy.

What Makes My Approach Different

spiritual counselingMy life’s passion has been to integrate knowledge of holistic and transpersonal psychologies with an intimate understanding of human being’s interconnection with all of life.  In other words, in my work with my clients and colleagues, I naturally operate from the assumption that when a person comes to me for help complaining of a problem in his or her life, I believe it’s important to explore their family system (including possible early life traumatic experiences), and also to consider their presenting troubles and challenges in the context of the cultural and environmental systems that they have grown up in, not just the family system.  While many of us have grown up in stable family situations, it’s virtually impossible to escape the traumatic emotional and psychological impacts brought on by the deeply pathological, dysfunctional, and polluted culture that we live in.  With all of it’s good (and there is a lot), ours is sadly a culture of deceit, betrayal, manipulation, violence, and dishonesty, and few, if any of us, escape unscathed.  Most of us are more traumatized than we may initially realize.  It would be neglectful to minimize the effects of these social and cultural variables on mental and emotional health.  Underlying it all is the understanding that each individual life is inextricably interconnected with and dependent upon the healthy functioning of the systems they exist within.  I  view mental, emotional and spiritual health from a broader holistic vantage point that considers family and social systems, culture, Nature, and the Universe.

Testimonials from Previous Clients


Jonathan’s approach to psychotherapy impressed me as the work of a pioneer. ~Adam Blatner, M.D., Author,

One of the most useful things for me about Jonathan’s therapy was his use of himself. He is calm, honest, straightforward, doesn’t couch what he says in any jargon; he is very present and mindful. Simply the quality of his presence helped me experience a more mindful, less anxious way of being with and interacting with others….and since I came to Jonathan wanting to work on my ability to be more confident about how I am with friendships, etc, the experience of sitting with him in the room due to the above qualities, was very useful. I think Jonathan’s therapeutic style– to not just talk about the problem, but to experience it in the room–is super, even though uncomfortable for me at times. I also benefitted from J’s very, very non-judgemental stance.

I found Jonathan to be very warm, open, non-judging and creative in his approach to healing. I often have a hard time establishing trust in a clinical setting and felt very safe with his down to earth, non-hierarchical, and respectful style. He has helped me through challenges and I feel like I have found an ally in him. He is a grounded presence that I know I can turn to in times of need.

Jonathan is a hidden jewel in a world that has forgotten what really matters. I’m so glad I discovered him because he helped me re-discover myself.

I highly recommend Jonathan Stein. The power of Jonathan’s work comes from his deep commitment to integrating his life and values and his willingness to bring that into his work. I reached out to him initially for a very practical level of support around a lifestyle change and imagined a pretty narrow focus. However, his genuine caring and his experience with different modalities helped me to feel more comfortable over time accessing and sharing the emotions that were coming up, paving the way for some deeper and broader work. Jonathan was able to see strengths in me, ask gentle questions, and offer witness and reflection that re-opened a career pathway that I had previously closed. After we concluded our initial work together, his validation and sincere belief in me stayed with me, and I was inspired to both seek out a whole team of people with integrity like Jonathan’s to support me in pursuing this new career path, and to invite him to be part of that team.

I wish I found [Jonathan] years ago. I probably wouldn’t have spent so much time stumbling around, trying to figure out what to do with my life.

Jonathan’s guidance in helping me empathize with my partner has significantly improved my relationship (and my communication skills). Thanks so much Jonathan!

I started seeing Jonathan Stein about six months ago. I think I have discovered the best therapist I have ever seen! He has tremendous insight and abilities to be able to, gently and with great empathy, patience, and tenacity to guide and help me to explore, not only the what of a problem but also why and deftly guides me to a solution. He has earned my respect and I appreciate his wisdom but mostly I feel he genuinely cares deeply about his clients and their welfare. It was easy to trust him and be totally honest with no worry about feeling judged. I have lots of experience with therapy and different therapist but with Jonathan I have had the best connection and trust of them all! He is very talented, gifted, wise and compassionate. He is able to see behavior and motivation through different lenses to simplify complex issues and lead you out of confusion and being stuck to develop a solid, workable treatment plan to get moving again and regain joy and hopefulness I thought was lost and unreachable. He is solid, dependable, seasoned and creative working to relieve the pain and suffering that brought me to seek help in the first place! I feel very lucky to have found him and can without any reservations, recommend him to anyone. I am so very grateful to him and the way he looks at the whole person and not just a bunch of symptoms.

My work with Jonathan has allowed me to overcome several long-standing and painful obstacles, thanks to his keen ability to discern and communicate where I was selling myself short.

Jonathan’s support was invaluable to me. When I originally came to see him, I was literally a mess. I could barely stop crying, feeling like my life was wasted. He really helped me put my life on track.

I just want to thank you. I mean, thank you so much. You made such a difference in my life.

The sessions that I did with Jonathan affected me so deeply. I’ve been to many therapists, but there’s nowhere else I’d consider going to do that kind of work. He offered a very unusual and powerful way of helping me working on myself.

Jonathan exceeded what I have found in normal therapists. He brings a kind of creativity to his work that is very unusual and what I found to be most profound was his strong intuition and acute sensitivity and ability to attune to the issues I was dealing with.

My Writing

My writing has been published online and in print including a recently released anthology entitled “The Heart and Soul of Psychotherapy” which has qualified for the Trafford Gold Seal for literary excellence.  Visit my Publications page to view my writings. 

Inspiring Teachers, Mentors & Guides

The following list highlights some of my most influential and inspiring teachers (listed alphabetically).  These are the ones who continue to teach and inspire me to walk deeply, live soulfully, heal wholly, and make a positive difference in the world.   

Others (in random order): Alan Watts, Matt Licata, Bill Plotkin, David Deada, Jellaludin Rumi, David Whyte, Mary Oliver, Jay Earley, Derrick Jensen, Carolyn Baker, Pema Chodron, J. Earl Rogers, Ann Weiser Cornell, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Thomas Berry, Duane Elgin, James Grant. 

More About What Makes Me Tick

I believe it’s only possible to be a good helper in the ways of life and living if I’m practicing what I preach.  In other words, as much as I love my role as therapist, my life, beyond the borders of my therapy office serves to nourish, inform and fortify my ability to help the people that come to me for support.  My work as a healer is one of the things I love, but it’s only a thin slice of a very big, delicious pie called “Jonathan’s One and Only Beautiful Life!”

My quality of life is determined by how meaningful, fun, and spiritually rewarding it is for me.  I regularly contemplate the question, “How would I be living and what life choices would I be making if I was passionately embracing the remainder of my fleeting life?”  From this question you may deduce that the richness I create and the vibrance and vitality I experience has as much to do with living as it does with the awareness of my impending death (Today?  Tomorrow?  A year from now? Ten years?).

Some answers I’ve discovered to the above question now inform how I live my life.  I am sure to take lots of time out to do things that I know to nourish me such as reading, writing, creating, cooking, playing with my dog Abbie, building community, socializing, meandering in nature, making art and music, making love, dancing, basking in the sun (and the rain), helping others in whatever ways feel meaningful and right in the moment, going slowly, living simply, acting in ways that promote and help to create a safe, sustainable, just and spiritually fulfilling world, and cherishing and celebrating the shortness of my one and only beautiful life.  There’s more, but you get the idea. 


By booking a private session or sessions with Jonathan Stein, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended, and fully agreed with the following. You agree not to schedule a session until you have read, comprehended, and fully agreed to the terms and conditions of the following disclaimer.

“A private session with Jonathan is not a medical appointment, and he does not diagnose, assess, or otherwise treat any psychological disorder or condition as part of these sessions, nor does he prescribe or provide guidance with respect to medication. If you are or think you are suffering from a medical or psychological disorder or condition, please consult your doctor or other appropriately qualified professional immediately as such conditions will not be attended to as part of these private sessions. Please consider consulting your doctor and/or mental health service provider regarding these sessions in order to make an educated and informed decision as to whether they are in your best interest.

IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING OR CONTEMPLATING SUICIDE OR FEEL THAT YOU MAY BE A DANGER TO YOURSELF OR OTHERS, PLEASE NOTIFY THE POLICE OR CONTACT YOUR LOCAL EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES IMMEDIATELY. Never, ever disregard professional advice or delay seeking professional advice as a result of something you have heard from Jonathan or elsewhere, or from anything that Jonathan says or writes to you.  Jonathan shall not be liable for claims or damages arising from such communications and writings, and expressly disclaims any and all liability of any nature, for any action, or non-action, taken as a result of your attending a private session or sessions, meeting, workshop, class, or retreat.

A private session with Jonathan is intended and designed to be informational, educational and therapeutic, and to provide information, support, and encouragement based on information you choose to share with Jonathan. You are fully and solely responsible for all information that you provide to Jonathan, for your interpretation of Jonathan’s words and actions, and for all actions resulting from or relating to your encounter with Jonathan. Jonathan does not guarantee or warrant any particular outcome or result from your session, email or other electronic exchange, engagement with his writing in any form, or any other kind of encounter with him, and makes no claims as to the effectiveness of the sessions. Using Jonathan’s services is entirely at your own risk without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information, advice, or opinion offered. The services are requested by your own choice and with your inherent singular responsibility.

REGARDING ONLINE/VIDEO SESSIONS: By participating in online video or phone sessions, you understand and agree that the words “therapy” and “counseling” are always used to describe online coaching sessions.  I explicitly do not offer therapy or counseling via internet video or through telephone. Sessions will, however, likely be therapeutic and sometimes the lines are blurred between what is accomplished in coaching and what is accomplished in therapy. Coaching is a process. Many people create change for themselves in a short time, but to refine and sustain changes takes longer, possibly several months or more.”

Thank you for your understanding.

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My private practice is located in Hadley, MA (USA), and online worldwide via Skype video.  I offer a complimentary 20 minute consultation.  

Please contact me today to schedule your complimentary consultation or ask me a question.

I welcome clients of  all ages, race, ethnicities, religions (or non-religions), and alternative lifestyles (sexual orientation, gender identification, and non-traditional and “designer” relationship structures including polyamory and intergenerational (age gap) partnerships).