How I Can Help

How I Can Help

I welcome clients of  all ages, race, ethnicities, religions (or non-religions), and alternative lifestyles (sexual orientation, gender identification, and non-traditional and “designer” relationship structures including polyamory and intergenerational (age gap) partnerships).

Acute Crisis Relief – Sometimes life becomes overwhelming, confusing and painful but you’re pretty sure you don’t need long-term counseling, just someone to “help get you through it”. Having someone on-call who you can turn to for relief, understanding and to help you work through your challenges on an as-needed basis can be the perfect remedy. Please call me if you find yourself in need.

Anger Management – Anger is one of those feelings that most people haven’t learned how to deal with skillfully. Feeling really angry, especially if it happens regularly, can cause one to be critical of oneself, even to lash out. I help people understand the root of their anger and encourage safe expression of intense feelings in a supportive and compassionate environment. I understand the emotion of anger and all the potentially shameful or frightening thoughts and fantasies that can accompany it. I won’t judge you, because I understand. With me, you can safely let yourself express it and and learn how to alchemize it so it doesn’t create difficulties in your life.

Anxiety – Something may have changed for you recently or the pressures of life are making you feel overwhelmed and anxious. One of the most common and negative impacts on our modern lives, anxiety, panic attacks and worry can be addressed through counseling.

Bereavement Counseling – Bereavement counseling can be very helpful for one of the most distressing times of our lives. Few things compare to the pain and distress experienced when someone we love dies. The inevitable period of grieving is incredibly difficult for most people and although it cannot be bypassed, bereavement counseling can minimize suffering and help begin the process of rebuilding your life.

Communication Skills – If you have any awareness of how hard it can be to communicate clearly with people in your life, you’ll probably agree how shocking it is that we’ve grown up in public school systems that don’t teach any more than rudimentary communication skills. Most people find themselves at a deficit in the realm of communication and often blame themselves which can makes things even more difficult. I help people develop their communication and interpersonal skills to improve relationships at work and with people they love and care about. Get the professional support you need and discover how skillful and conscious communication can improve your life.

Confidence – Everybody struggles with their feelings of self-worth from time to time. Sometimes a lack of confidence is experienced when a person is disconnected from what they are most passionate about in life. Whether you’re going through a bad patch, suffer regularly from low self-esteem, or want to clarify what is closest to your heart, I can help you rediscover the confidence you need.

Creative Expression – Do you want to feel more self expressed? Do you sense a personal calling but haven’t found a way to express it? Or do you simply want to engage in a more creative form of counseling? I am a Creative Arts Therapist and can help you work through your issues in dynamic, creative ways using drama, movement/dance, art, writing, voice and more! (no prior creative experience necessary)

Depression – Feeling low? Or have a history of depression? Depression occurs when we turn feelings meant for someone or something else against ourselves. This is extremely painful and usually a very unconscious response. Using a transpersonal counseling approach and a solid grasp of the causes of depression, I help people work through their darkness to find new meaning and hope.

Existential Questioning – The world is changing quickly, and maybe you’re going through a period when your life is too. If the world or your life doesn’t make sense to you, you’re not alone, and there is a way through to clarity, direction and empowerment. A holistic approach to counseling can help you bring light to the meaning and purpose of your life when “things fall apart”, when life doesn’t make sense the way it used to, or when you feel lost and don’t know who you are anymore.

Grief and Loss – Suffering the loss of someone or something we hold dear is perhaps one of the most difficult things to go through in life, be it a loved one, the loss of a long cherished dream, the end of a relationship, or the destruction of species and natural habitats. In the world today there is much to grieve about and few places to let loose, let go and get through. By grieving, people are transformed and placed squarely in touch with their deep sense of connection with all life. And yet grief is a learned skill, and we don’t live in a time when it is valued or taught. I can help you to come to right relationship with this sacred aspect of yourself and provide a space for you to move through it. Visit my Coming Home to Grief page to learn about the upcoming 8-week group for healing grief.

Inner Critic Work – Learning to treat yourself without judgment and criticism can be hard to do on your own, especially when you’ve grown up in a world that teaches you at every turn that there is something wrong with you. Having a counselor who recognizes your inherent goodness and worth, as well as your talents and gifts might be the missing ingredient to getting back into right relationship with yourself and expressing yourself authentically and powerfully from a place of compassionate self-acceptance.

Men’s Issues – In today’s society, men are expected to be in control and be strong, but also emotionally literate and vulnerable. For these and other reasons, it’s often confusing and harder for men to talk about their struggles. You can be assured of my confidentiality and discretion. A holistic counseling approach considers gender as a factor in our emotional state and happiness, and supports your work toward clarifying who you are as a man and what gifts you have to bring to the world. Learn more here.

Midlife Crisis Counseling – With varying degrees of intensity, it happens to most people at a certain point in their lives: a period of questioning that grows out of the awareness that life is not forever and is most certainly ticking along. Poets have referred to this period as a Dark Night of the Soul, a totally normal and natural yet painful “initiation” into a new level of development and maturity. Do you feel regrets about lost opportunities or relationships? Wondering if you are on the right track in life? Has the life you’ve been living up until now lost it’s meaning? Transpersonal counseling helps you resolve confusion and step into the second part of your life with courage and confidence. Get the help you need to rebuild a life that makes sense; one that aligns with your deepest passions and convictions. And perhaps most importantly, get the support and guidance you need to affirm that you are indeed exactly where you are supposed to be. I guide a process that directs you on your own path of heart toward the discovery of inner resources, wisdom, and the clarification of your life’s purpose.

Polyamory Aware Counseling – Designer relationship counseling is becoming more popular as people realize that there is more than one way to have a relationship.  Monogamy, while widely accepted as the cultural norm is not by a stretch the only model for intimate relationships. I welcome clients who experience life outside of the standard cultural narrative when it comes to alternative, non-traditional and designer relationship preferences.  I am a sex-positive counselor who will not judge or pathologize you.  Learn more here.

Spiritual Development – Much pain and suffering comes from believing we are separate for the rest of existence. A holistic, transpersonal approach to counseling and coaching facilitates the healing of this primary wound, bringing about the remembrance of our connection to all life, and making way for a deeply embodied, conscious and healthy relationship with Self, others and the world. I help people discover their own path of heart and sense of calling needed to meet the challenges of life in the 21st century.

Stress – Most of us feel stressed at times and the pressures of life can certainly cause you to feel overwhelmed and anxious. I help people work through these common and negative impacts on our modern lives: stress, anxiety, panic attacks and worry.

Thriving In A Climate of Change – The emerging burden of climate change (as well as the implications of Peak Oil, resource depletion, Fukushima nuclear crisis, and the fragile economy, to name just a few), has impacts on psychological and emotional health and is becoming prevalent in American culture. Bereavement, depression and post-event stress disorders are common responses to the severity and magnitude of challenges we face as individuals and as a community. Having someone to talk to about these things can make a big difference in how you feel and how you respond. I have a strong understanding of these matters and welcome you without judgement.  Learn more here and here.

Work Related Issues – Even the most successful of people sometimes need to talk about their work life. Many people work in jobs that provide little self-expression and are often out of alignment with their values. This can create significant inner conflict, stress and emotional disruptions if not addressed. By guiding a gentle and compassionate “working through” process, I help people who are looking for ways to better manage their work and relationships, and who want to feel more fulfilled.