Professional Services

Professional Services

Counseling, Coaching & Self-Help Guidance – Services that help you move through confusion and pain, re-align with your deepest passions, and meet the many challenges of modern day life with courage, confidence, resilience and heart.

The Arts In Psychotherapy – An array of creative forms from theater, dance, poetry, music, and visual arts are used in the service of healing and personal transformation and provide an unusual way of approaching your life challenges.

Beyond Therapy – An exploration of your life challenges in the broader context of the troubled world we’ve grown up in.  Integrating creative and nature-based practices, education, counseling and spiritual guidance, you will begin to connect to a new, expanded level of awareness and authority in yourself and to your relationship with life, nature, and the world around you.

Acute Crisis Relief – Sometimes life becomes overwhelming, confusing and painful but you’re pretty sure you don’t need long-term therapy, just someone to “help get you through it”. Having someone on-call who you can turn to for relief, understanding and to help you work through your challenges on an as-needed basis can be the perfect remedy.

Guidance for Men – Men are expected to be in control and be strong, but also emotionally literate and vulnerable. For these and other reasons, it’s often confusing and harder for men to talk about their struggles. You can be assured of my confidentiality and discretion. A holistic counseling approach considers gender as a factor in our emotional state and happiness, and supports your work toward clarifying who you are as a man and what gifts you have to bring to the world.

Workshops – Visit this page to learn more about workshops I offer and will be  offering.  To receive notifications of upcoming events, use the sign-up form in the right-hand column of any page on this web site and subscribe to my newsletter.