Beyond Therapy

Beyond Therapy

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Transition Counseling For A Planet In Chaos – When Your Life Has Been Impacted –

Transition Counseling helps you to:

  • confidently navigate specific life challenges resulting from a society in decline.
  • awaken (or stay awake) in a world that appears to be broken in more ways than one.
  • successfully‡ navigate the disturbing psychic, emotional and spiritual terrain that accompanies living with your blinders removed.
  • open your eyes and your mind in unusual ways to see beyond what you’ve come to know as conventional wisdom and to discover the new “story” or “dream” that is unfolding in the 21st century, painful or pleasing as it may be.

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 By “successfully”, I mean that despite the painful nature of the reality of our world,  you are also able to find meaning and experience joy in the face of it all.