Transition Counseling

Having a hard time facing a world in chaos?

Transition Counseling for Relief in Uncertain Times


I hold space for people to move through pain and confusion stemming from the chaos unfolding in the world.

We are living in a time of the convergence of multiple cataclysmic forces.  Fundamental changes are happening on the planet and it is becoming difficult to deny the way our lives are being affected. From Abrupt Climate disruption (ACD), endless wars, gross economic inequality, resource depletion, an array of public issues, and the looming possibility of Near Term Human Extinction (NTHE), the times are quickly turning and many people are feeling the difficult effects of these changes.

Working with a skilled listener and counselor who understands the challenges and uncertainties that we face in the 21st century will feel like a great relief!

  • Are the implications of Abrupt Climate Disruption getting you down?
  • Ever find yourself feeling anxious about your children’s future? 
  • Are endless wars terrorizing your peace of mind?
  • Ever wonder if our crazy, chaotic world is negatively effecting your moods?
  • Are you losing sleep over the possibility of apocalyptic scenarios unfolding?
  • Did you swallow the “Red Pill” and now find yourself feeling alone and feeling like you’re crazy?
  • Are you trying to navigate the emotional roller coaster of our chaotic world all by yourself?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, hopeless or despairing about the state of humanity and the world? 
  • Do you want to find inner peace in a time of global/civilization’s degradation, decay and collapse?
  • Are you grieving for the loss of species going extinct at such an alarming rate? 
  • Are you seeking an inspiring, spiritual perspective?
  • Are you outraged at the self-centeredness, carelessness and greed that you are witnessing in the world?
  • Have you found it difficult to find people who are willing to talk with you about these issues?  Have you felt singled out, alone or alienated.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  I understand what you’re going through.

As unemployment rates skyrocket, economies falter, political insanity ensues, and dire and frightening reports of disruptions resulting from our rapidly changing climate seep into the mainstream news, you may be one of the increasing number of people feeling concerned and unsettled about what the future has in store.  Your life may already have been impacted in some fundamental way.

Transition Counseling begins with the acknowledgement that the world we are living in is changing rapidly and that the impact of these changes can be disruptive and disorienting. Many aspects of our personal lives, including the lives of people close to us are touched by the changing world that we live in.

Transition Counseling helps you to not only understand the forces at play that are impacting your current situation and contributing to making your life difficult.  It is intended to support you in moving through the difficult emotions that are catalyzed by our predicament, and to assist you in cultivating the compassionate, spiritual outlook necessary to thrive in this transition.  Many of the challenges we face in the 21st century have never been encountered in scale and magnitude that is occurring today and being aware of the frightening realities of our time can feel quite alienating…but you don’t have to go it alone.  

Working with a skilled listener and counselor who understands the challenges and uncertainties that we face in the 21st century will feel like a great relief!  It will help you make sense of what’s happening in your life, and remind you that you’re not going crazy.

I understand how difficult major life transitions can be.  I provide a compassionate, non-judgmental space and solid, grounded presence for you to share honestly about your struggles and concerns.  I also help you put your life challenges into context and help you find solutions for feeling more resilient, creative and empowered in the face of the hardships.

Just having someone who will listen can make a huge difference, and gaining a broader contextual understanding of your challenges will change your perspective for the better, empowering you to live more peacefully and with less anxiety.

Signs that you have already been effected:

  • job loss;
  • mortgage foreclosures;
  • dislocation from community and family;
  • inflation and/or debt;
  • loss of or damage to homes resulting from natural disasters,
  • manifestations of mental, emotional or physical illnesses or imbalances
  • loss of healthcare or retirement, and/or
  • anxiety about current world events such as climate change, political upheaval, nuclear disasters, habitat destruction, extinction forecasts…to name just a few.

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Please contact me if you think your would benefit from Transition Counseling.  I understand these issues intimately and can help you feel better.

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