Counseling & Self-Help Guidance

Counseling and Self-Help Guidance

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I offer counseling and self-help guidance to help to you resolve past hurts and re-align with your deepest passions so that you can move with clarity, conviction and courage toward your most cherished goals. I also offer personal coaching.

Depending on your needs and stated goals, whether it be therapy or coaching, the ultimate goal of this work is to remove the obstacles that inhibit your clarity and productivity and help you experience more meaning and joy.  I guide a process that directs you on your own path of heart toward self-healing and the discovery of inner resources, wisdom, and clarification of your life’s purpose.

We work together as colleagues in the service of your growth using many powerful techniques to facilitate this process including: creative visualization, meditation, breathwork, parts work/role playing, eye contact practices, grounding exercises, creative and embodied forms of expression, education, deep listening and thoughtful reflection.

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I Offer Skype/Phone Coaching & Counseling

  • Save time and travel costs.
  • Work from the privacy and comfort of your home or office, anywhere in the world.
  • Schedule sessions flexibly.
  • Discuss sensitive subjects more easily.

I welcome the opportunity to converse with you by phone or email to answer your questions and get acquainted in advance of formal work.  I offer a free 30-minute initial consultation.

How often?

People usually schedule phone sessions once a week to once a month, to allow time for reflection and integration. In the case of someone traveling from a distance, in-person sessions may occur once or even twice a day for a few days.

My Fee

My fee is $95 per hour for Skype/phone and in-person sessions.  You may pay in advance by cash (if in-person), personal/bank check, or use your credit card via PayPal on-line.  (Learn more about sliding fee scale).