The Arts In Psychotherapy

The Arts in Psychotherapy:  What Is It and How Does It Work?

I am a Master’s level Registered Drama Therapist (RDT) and have been practicing with creative arts therapies for 25 years.

The arts in psychotherapy have been evolving for more than 50 years.  Also known as Creative Arts Therapy, they include the array of forms of creative expression drawn from artistic mediums such as theater, dance, poetry, music, and visual arts are used in the service of healing and personal transformation and provide an unusual and unusually powerful way of approaching the struggles in your life.  Skillfully integrated with talk therapy, creative techniques are drawn from theater, dance, and visual arts, and easily get you out of your head and into your body where real healing and transformation happens.  I offer a range of services that incorporate these forms, however uniquely developed from my formal training as a drama therapist.

The arts in psychotherapy can be used in both coaching and counseling work and allows you to approach your life challenges creatively.  This type of growth work is very exciting and creative and no two sessions will ever look the same, but the nature of the work may require you to take some small risks.

No prior performance or artistic experience is required and all transformational work is non-performance oriented.

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Creative Arts Therapy Services That I Offer:

Drama Therapy:

jsc_drama_therapyTheater has been used, worldwide, over thousands of years for healing, transformation, communicating and perpetuating personal and cultural mythology, and for illuminating the hidden forces at play in the personality, effectively acting as a mirror to our deeper nature.

Transpersonal Drama Therapy, one of many Creative Arts Therapies, uses techniques and exercises from theater, crafted specifically to your personal life challenge, to help you get you unstuck.  You get the same results that you get with talk-oriented therapies, but drama therapy is faster and often…more effective. By engaging your creativity, your imagination and your body, you step onto an accelerated path of self-discovery, personal growth and healing.

As with all creative art therapy techniques that I bring to my work, I use it in conjunction with talk therapy as I deem appropriate and as desired by my clients.

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Dance therapy

Dance and Movement Therapy:

Tap into your body’s creative healing potential through movement and sound.

The goal of therapeutic dance and movement is to achieve a state of whole health, including emotional and physical balance, that can be found through movement.  It is founded in the notion that movement, dance and the use of vocal sound can help to strengthen the connection between the mind and body, which serves to promote both physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

Jonathan Stein mask making art therapy

Art and Mask Making for Personal Growth and Healing:

As a stand alone service or when used in therapy or coaching, mask making and visual arts are powerful sub-forms of drama therapy for giving expression to parts of yourself that don’t normally get expressed.  Mask making is a fun and kinesthetic approach for personal healing, growth and transformation.

Masks are also powerful when used in conjunction with other forms of Expressive Therapy that I offer including dramatic enactment, parts work, role playing, and dance/movement. Revelation Mask Making is also a powerful adjunct to traditional talk therapy.

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Creative Arts Therapies have many benefits, including:

  • cultivating deep connection with Self,
  • emotional release and expression,
  • understanding life challenges,
  • healing past hurts,
  • accessing the knowledge of your mind and the wisdom of your body for decision making,
  • cultivating the ability to interpret and respond to what your body’s is telling you,
  • creative visualization and journeying,
  • stress reduction and rejuvenation,
  • cultivating mindfulness,
  • increasing personal magnetism,
  • appreciation for the gift that your body is,
  • cultivating Observing Self (aka Wisdom Self, Consciousness, Witness Self),
  • experiencing spontaneous, uninhibited, creative expression, joy, and ecstasy!
  • developing a deep trust in Being, and
  • awakening to interconnectedness of all life.

Through Creative Arts Therapies, we explore practices that engage your body, senses and intuition.

  • Playful and creative non-performance based movement and theater structures (no prior experience necessary)
  • Authentic Movement, a non-performance based contemplative movement form
  • Contact Improvisation, similarly, a non-performance based contemplative movement form
  • Authentic voice/sound
  • Nature-based practices
  • Education, dialogue, demonstrations
  • Mindfulness, grounding and gazing practices
  • Re-Evaluation Counseling (RC)

Receive instruction and sessions for lengths of your choosing.  This form can be incorporated into all other services I offer and always includes time to process and integrate experiences that arise during the session.

I welcome the opportunity to converse with you by phone or email to answer your questions and get acquainted in advance of formal work.  I offer a free 30-minute initial consultation.

How often?

While creative arts therapy is most powerful in person, sessions can also be conducted via Skype video telephony.  People usually schedule sessions once a week to once a month, to allow time for reflection and integration.  In the case of someone traveling from a distance, in-person sessions may occur once or even twice a day for a few days.

My Fee

My fee is $95 per hour for Skype/phone and in-person sessions.  You may pay in advance by cash (if in-person), personal/bank check, or use your credit card via PayPal on-line.  (Learn more about sliding fee scale)

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