embodyssey log image A 12-week series beginning September, 2015

The fundamental structure of EmbOdyssey combines elements of physical theater, contemplative movement, (standing) meditation and ritual towards accessing and expressing the physical, psychic, and emotional textures of internal landscapes that emerge.  It is a model that allows you to discover your innate capacity for self-healing using a creative, body-centered, self-guided transformational process.

The explorations we do in this group will draw upon practices and principles from different approaches to personal transformation including:

  • Psolodrama, a drama therapy style developed by Joel Gluck, MA, RDT
  • Standing meditation,
  • Authentic Movement, a contemplative movement form
  • Co-counseling, a peer counseling model
  • Creative Visualization,
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS),
  • Paratheatrical exploration (inspired by Antero Alli)
  • Breathwork, and
  • Journaling

This group should not be considered a traditional therapy group even though the work/play that we engage in will likely be therapeutic in nature.  My role as facilitator is to create safety, hold space, and set tone, and to teach a series of structures that promote deep, self-guided listening and authentic self-expression, intended to enhance mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

The only requirement for participation is your sincere interest, intention and willingness to learn, grow and witness the not-yet-seen, spontaneously emerging truth of who you are, whatever that looks like, in each moment…and to be witnessed by others through it all.  The work we will do together will be non-performance oriented in nature.

No experience in any performance arts is required.  In fact, arguably, the less the better.

DATES and TIME: The group will begin in September, 2015 and run for 12 weeks.  This will be a pilot group and the cost will be very affordable.  Commitment to the whole series required. 

Limit of 8 participants.  Register soon! (A few partial scholarships may be available)

If you are interested in participating, please let me know.  You will be notified to participate in a poll for the best evening to hold this group on.