Garden of Sacred Demise

garden of sacred demise

 Garden of Sacred Demise

...where grief and gratitude grow together.

Creative Contemplations on the Sacredness of Life and Death In Uncertain Times

This creative, interactive afternoon “outlet” (and subsequent weekly drop-in group) is intended specifically for adventurers who:

– have (at least volitionally) accepted the multifaceted and dire economic, political, energetic, and environmental predicament that we as a species are faced with at this time in history, and want to feel fortified and remain awake to the implications and realities of this most painful and exciting “moment” in human history.

– who all too often feel alone carrying the burden and responsibility of this “knowing”,

– are interested in coming together with other like-minded, like-hearted people to creatively express the complexity of personal experience that is evoked in response to great uncertainty, great loss and great danger;

– want to deepen into their experience of what it means to live an engaged, awakened life at this time in history.  As Stephen Jenkinson (teacher, author, storyteller, spiritual activist, and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School) reminds us about the experience of awakening, [compared to other times in the past] “…to awaken in these times is to awaken with a sob”.

In a supportive and non-performance oriented milieu, together, we will use contemplative movement, improvisational theater, journaling and poetry writing, vocalization, music making, mask making, ritual and group sharing to strengthen ourselves, feel relief, cultivate resilience, and source wisdom for our journeys.

Cost: $10 donation for afternoon “outlet” and subsequent weekly drop-in groups.  

Dates and time for both afternoon gathering and weekly group TBD.

PLEASE EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST!!!   Click here to let me know if you might like to attend.