Is Spiritual Disconnection Limiting Your Potential For Fulfillment?

Do you yearn for a deeper, more expansive life experience that is difficult to describe or even visualize? Are you looking for a way to return to an inner experience of deep self-connection, unconditional self-regard, abundance, and wholeness that comes from within?

When you feel spiritually disconnected from yourself, the world can seem like a foreign, intimidating place. You may be sensing a longing or a persistent emptiness as if part of you seems incomplete or broken. You may experience the deep suspicion that something integral is missing from your life or the world, making everything seem hopeless and devoid of meaning. Perhaps a steady undercurrent of fear and self-doubt is limiting your ability to believe in yourself and find fulfillment. Maybe feelings like sadness, anxiety, guilt, hopelessness, and anger accompany you like an unwanted guest everywhere you go.

The good news is that because all of these feelings originate from within the self, you also have the power to change your perspective and free yourself, as well as others in your life, from the bondage of your judgments. Rest assured, your goodness and worth are unquestionable, and experiencing the real and lasting happiness that comes from being spiritually connected is well within your grasp.

Most Of Us Know That There Is Much More To This Life

In the deepest part of our human experience, each of us knows that this world is not our true home and that some part of us yearns to finally relax into the peace that comes from knowing with utmost certainty that we are safe and healed and whole, even amidst the unpredictable and ever-shifting forms of the world. Maybe you have peered behind life’s metaphorical curtain and have seen that the many promises the world offers for happiness and fulfillment seem so often to disappoint. It may be comforting to know that you’re not alone.

Given that most of us were never taught how to discern and trust our true Inner Guidance, we are vulnerable to being led deeper into the world’s distractions and empty promises.  We are endlessly enticed to believe that our happiness, worth, and sense of fulfillment come from outside of ourselves through things, entertainment, relationships, and myriad other diversions.  To our detriment, our lack of discernment serves only to strengthen our belief in our identity as bodies and personalities.

Because of this, we seem always to be left wanting – unhappy, and discontent. Some part of us knows that this world—this body we identify with is merely a façade, a cloak draped over a more authentic yet hidden realization of our true identity as Spirit, and because this is true, none of the world’s trappings will ever truly satisfy.

And yet, there is hope!

In our sessions, your desire to dive deep and question the underlying existential and spiritual causes of your suffering will be met with warmth, acceptance, and insightful reflection.  And in turn, you will unearth from within an inexhaustible reservoir of hope, strength, resilience, and joy as you begin to recognize and trust your True Self.

Spiritual Counseling Can Be A Guide For Your Journey Toward The Truth

One of the biggest problems that most of us face is that we are typically unaware that we have two thought systems at play inside us: The Voice for Truth (True Self) and the voice of illusion (false self). The false self, which always speaks first and loudest, endlessly feeds us stories about ourselves and our lives, attempting to convince us of our guilt, smallness, ineptitude, our limitations, and life’s meaninglessness.

If you don’t take the time to self-reflect and get to know who you really are, that false self will likely perpetuate your unhappiness and discontent. Spiritual therapy, however, provides a safe space where you can illuminate and confront the deepest and most flawed beliefs about yourself so you can experience true healing and lasting relief from pain and suffering.

I operate from the understanding that many of life’s challenges are reflective of some internal wound that needs to be healed. It’s as if your consciousness is an iceberg floating in the ocean. The tip of the iceberg represents your conscious day-to-day awareness. Beneath the waterline is the unseen part—the subconscious, which exists outside of your awareness and, incidentally, controls much of your thoughts, decisions, and perceptions of the world. My job is to help you gently expose and challenge any harmful self-judgments or limiting beliefs that are operating below the surface of awareness.

The first thing I want to do is help you define, clarify, and refine your goals for spiritual counseling. Then, once you feel comfortable, we can begin exploring what lies beneath the surface of the concerns that bring you to my office. Because each person arrives with their own unique set of life challenges, the trajectory toward healing and achieving goals is highly individualized from client to client. Therefore, I’ll continuously tailor our treatment plan to your evolving needs and progress.

In my work as a spiritual counselor, I use several powerful interventions, including Transpersonal Psychotherapy, a model for healing that is grounded in traditional psychological principles and age-old wisdom. It is often used to guide individuals toward an understanding that identity extends beyond what we normally consider our personality or body—the source of pain and suffering.

My approach to spiritual healing is also informed by meditative and mindfulness disciplines as well as by the thought system presented in A Course in Miracles (ACIM), a self-study program in spiritual psychotherapy. I also employ a technique developed by Eugene Gendlin called Focusing, which seeks to release emotional blockages and equip you with greater self-awareness by identifying and acknowledging certain sensations in the body.

Through our work together, you can discover the “false self” and “True Self” within you. You’ll be able to recognize which one guides you toward discontent, doubt, and fear and which one leads you to happiness and peace of mind. And you will learn how to identify distorted thinking and make objective choices that are not informed by subconscious limiting beliefs.

Whatever distress you’re feeling now simply reveals that something beneath the surface is emerging so it can be addressed. And even though it may be painful, the fact that you are visiting this page means that healing is already underway! Rest assured, there is nothing missing from you—nothing wrong or broken about you. Your life is simply speaking to you, showing you that you can and want to find happiness and joy.

Perhaps You Are Considering Spiritual Counseling, But You Still Have Some Concerns…

I am concerned that this is New Age spiritual healing.

My work as a psychotherapist is vastly different from New Age thinking. In almost all New Age systems of thought, there is a very strong emphasis on people’s positive experiences with very little attention given to the deeper structures of the unconscious and the pain shared by people.

In contrast, my approach focuses on painful feelings—and the limiting beliefs that precede them in order to move beyond these painful experiences. I also teach my clients to recognize and refute those beliefs in order to regain awareness of and intimacy with their True or Authentic Self, which is the source of real happiness and inner peace.

Do I have to be religious or believe in God for spiritual counseling to help?

You do not have to believe in God or be religious in order to benefit from spiritual guidance, though it can prepare the mind and heart to encounter an Inner Power that transcends the limited sense of self. Spirituality is a term used here to describe an experience of inherent Wholeness and connection—or one’s True Nature. Remembering that enduring truth can play an important part in resolving symptoms related to anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and more.

While the nature of my work presumes an obvious spiritual orientation, I will never impose my beliefs on you. Our work together is designed to lead you toward an experience rather than a theology while maximizing opportunities for you to delve inward and discover your own answers and insights.

I’m worried that I will be judged for having a different belief system.

I am well aware that there are thousands of paths leading to the experience of “Reality” or Truth (i.e., God, Buddha Nature, Oneness, etc.)—each honorable unto themselves. And none are more or less superior than the next. That’s why my non-denominational psycho-spiritual approach fits well with any and all systems of thought.

Whether religious, spiritual, secular, or undecided, I welcome people of all backgrounds. I am dedicated to helping you reclaim your connection with your True Self, the innate and irrefutable innocence, joy, peace, power, brilliance, and worth that has always resided at the center of your being in wait of your remembrance.

A Stronger Connection To Yourself And The World Is Possible

If you seek spiritual direction on your journey toward an awakening of Truth, my holistic approach to counseling can offer guidance and support. Please call 617 515 0327 for your free, 20-minute mini-session/phone consultation to familiarize yourself with my approach to spiritual counseling. Or you can go to my Contact page to schedule your free consultation, by clicking here.